Monthly Archive: November 2016


Vouchers and Choice: DeVos Picked for Education

Since his election, there have been numerous high-profile national figures competing for the attention of the President-Elect. However, Trump’s pick for Education, school voucher advocate and philanthropist, Betsy DeVos from Michigan, has kept a low...


Trump Meets the Gray Lady, Annotated

President-Elect Trump met with some reporters, executives, and opinion writers at the New York Times yesterday. Here’s the transcript from the NY Times (read it here, with My Comments: SULZBERGER (Publisher of the Times):...


Trumpsition: Trump Taps Haley for UN

Late last night, the Post and Courier (Here) reported that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley had accepted an appointment by President Elect Donald Trump to be US Ambassador to the United Nations. This is a...


It was Just Lock-Her Room Talk

“Lock her up!” It was a common chant on the campaign trail and one that the President-Elect was more than fine with encouraging (much to the consternation of the press).


Site Update: Back to Writing

Sorry for the hiatus. As some of you know, I ran for office in Baltimore City. When it got down to the wire, there were a few “free time” things that had to be cut...


Normalization and Chicken Little

You probably know the folk tale of Chicken Little (Henny Penny if you’re British). If not, in short, the eponymous Chicken Little continuously spouts the apocalyptic message that “the sky is falling, the sky is...