Some Background

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This is a politics and world events analysis blog. I started it in 2011 while I was in Law School to comment on some of the day-to-day events going on in the world.

The site will typically focus on national and international affairs with a spattering of local politics and entertainment news.

My goal is to update and post regularly with original and thought-provoking content from a libertarian-conservative perspective. I invite you to share posts with your friends and neighbors and encourage thoughtful dialogue of some of the biggest issues facing our nation and world.


Here’s a Brief Q & A:

Q: What is Modern Liberty?

A: Modern Liberty at is my personal sounding board for things that are happening in the wide world.

Q: Who is GovMatt? Is he a governor?!

A: Nah. My name’s Matt McDaniel. I coined “GovMatt” while I was in law school as a simple portmanteau of “Government” and “Matt.” I did run for office once, maybe we’ll talk about that at some point.

Q: It sounds like you want to be mistaken for a governor.

A: That’s not a question. But,the world can think what it wants. I’m just a simple commentator and lawyer.

Q: Are you offering legal advice, Mr. Lawyer?

A: is not a legal site and is not intended to condone any course of action. Moreover, nothing on this site should constitute legal advice nor does anything you read on this site somehow create an attorney-client relationship. In the event you are a client of GovMatt in his personal capacity or of his employer, you are expressly advised that anything you read on this blog is public and not meant to advise you in your continuing professional relationship with either the author or his employer. Seriously.

Q: posted something about finances, is this financial advice?

A: is not a financial analysis site. Any and all investments you make should be done after independently considering the risks and benefits of investment and not merely on the word of an internet site.

Q: Matt, you posted reviews of stuff, are you getting paid?

A: As of yet, I’ve not received any compensation for my writing. If I do, I’ll let you know.

Q: Are you @GovMatt from Twitter?

A: Yes.

Q: Matt, will you be my +1 to a wedding?

A: Shoot me an email:

Q: Is GovMatt single?

A: For now.

Q: Is GovMatt rich?

A. Not until this internet thing takes off, right?

Quotes and Such

I am more an antique Roman than a Dane”

Hamlet Act V, Scene 2

The world is certainly an interesting place.

Anecdotes are not statistics.

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