Matt McDaniel

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Q: What is Modern Liberty?

A: Modern Liberty at is my personal sounding board for things that are happening in the wide world.

Q: Who is GovMatt? Is he a governor?!

A: GovMatt. for the moment, is just a regular old American in his mid-20’s. He enjoys long walks on the beach, running, chicken marsala, and Jameson. He is a lawyer who lives in Baltimore.

Q: HAH! I know who you are now!

A: That’s not a question. But, then here’s the disclaimer: the views expressed on this blog are exclusively my own and should not be interpreted as the views of my employer or any clients I may or may not represent.

Q: Are you offering legal advice, Mr. Lawyer?

A: is not a legal site and is not intended to condone any course of action. Moreover, nothing on this site should constitute legal advice nor does anything you read on this site somehow create an attorney-client relationship. In the event you are a client of GovMatt in his personal capacity or of his employer, you are expressly advised that anything you read on this blog is public and not meant to advise you in your continuing professional relationship with either the author or his employer.

Q: GovMatt posted something about finances, is this financial advice?

A: is not a financial analysis site. Any and all investments you make should be done after independently considering the risks and benefits of investment and not merely on the word of a quasi-anonymous blog poster.

Q: GovMatt, you posted reviews of stuff, are you getting paid?

A: GovMatt has received, and plans to receive, no money from either this blog nor any endorsements or reviews made by this blog. In the event that GovMatt does become a shill or accept corporate bribes, all such will be fully disclaimed in the review or endorsements.

Q: GovMatt, are you @GovMatt from Twitter?

A: Yes.

Q: GovMatt, will you be my +1 to a wedding?

A: GovMatt will respond to any and all inquiries, but if it’s a dry wedding or requires significant travel, it is doubtful.

Q: Is GovMatt single?

A: Yes.

Q: Is GovMatt rich?

A. No.