Matt McDaniel

2 minute read

TIME Magazine has named the “Ebola Fighters” as the “Person of the Year” for 2014. While this is laudable (science is a good thing and so is medicine), it truly misses out on the qualifications of the title, that is: the person or entity that has made the most impact on the world for good or for ill in the previous year.

As I noted in a previous post, HERE, Ebola writ-large was GovMatt’s “Panic of the Year.” Though I am certainly biased towards my own conclusions, I direct you there to the insights that led me not to choose anything Ebola-related as my “Person of the Year.”

Please do not take this post to be discounting the work and the suffering that the medical community has gone through in the fight against Ebola both in West Africa and in the United States. Certainly, the fight against the disease is ongoing and will cause decades worth of human and infrastructure damage in the countries most affected. However, as I have noted earlier, the panic surrounding Ebola was the depressing but realistic teaching moment from the outbreak.

Note, I mentioned previously that I would have bet money on Vladimir Putin’s being the “Person of the Year” for TIME. This would have been Putin’s second time with the dubious “honor.” TIME notes that both Putin and the Ferguson Protestor were “runners-up,” so, in part, I feel my predictions were fairly on-the-mark.