Matt McDaniel

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The Road to 2016: Hillary Clinton

Formal portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton with flag, 2009

Quick Facts:

Wife of former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached but not removed from office

Senator from New York

Candidate for President in 2008, lost to Barack Obama

Secretary of State for Barack Obama

Keys to the Party:

Ms. Clinton is the party heir-apparent. She has waited long enough for her time in the spotlight and intends to take it. She has the fundraising to match her ambition and no serious primary challenger. Though she is being repeatedly battered from the left, Ms. Clinton will intend to run to the center like her husband in an attempt to moderate the Obama image and play to undecided voters.

Keys to the Press:

Ms. Clinton would be the first female president.

Ms. Clinton has been what many in the press have been waiting for.

Ms. Clinton will not have to spend a large amount of money in the primaries and will have a full war chest for whoever emerges as the Republican nominee.


Ms. Clinton is no stranger to Washington. As First Lady, a Senator, and Secretary of State, she has the resume to run for the office.


Ms. Clinton’s liberal agenda and domestic policy would continue the failed policies of government growth and intrusion into the lives of private citizens. While her foreign policy ideas have seemed to shift from being ideologically liberal to a new form of Samantha Powers-esque hawkishness, her domestic policy would be brutal for an economy struggling to recover. Expect a continuation of Obamacare and an increase in taxation.

Note that Ms. Clinton will likely enjoy a majority in the Senate in 2017 when the Republicans are forced to defend many seats in blue states. In the event Ms. Clinton wins the election, it will not bode well for Republicans in those states.

Odds of Running:


Most of her team is together and she will likely announce in the second quarter of 2015.

Odds of Winning the Nomination:


At the moment, there is no legitimate challenger to Ms. Clinton. Some candidate may emerge to run at her from the left, but the majority of the Democratic Party, even limiting it to those who vote in primaries, will not stray from Ms. Clinton’s ascendancy.

Odds of a Cabinet Position:

N/A. Ms. Clinton is running for the top.

Bottom Line:

Ms. Clinton feels she was denied her position in 2008 and that it is her right to claim the spot in 2016.

GovMatt’s Opinion: Ms. Clinton would be ruinous for the American economy and continue the failed policies of taxation and government growth. I do not support her.