Matt McDaniel

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The Road to 2016: Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney speaking at CPAC, March 15, 2013.EDIT: On January 30, 2015, Mitt Romney informed supporters that he would not seek the GOP Presidential Nomination in 2016.

Quick Facts:

Former governor of Massachusetts

Son of governor of Michigan

Former Presidential candidate, lost to John McCain, lost to Barack Obama

Keys to the Party:

A completely known quantity with the ability to slip right back into fundraising and campaigning.

Solid pool of donations ready and fully establishment positions

The ability to say “I told you so”

The ability to campaign on “don’t make the same mistake twice”

Keys to the Press:

There are no skeletons in the closet that were not already found out in the 2012 election

Focus of all attention will be on previous loss and how the message has changed

The “flip-flop” mantra will be constant on policy or position changes



The ability to say that the party had united behind him once before and should, therefore, do it again

The fundraising connections with establishment donors who do not want to take a risk on new ideas or the possibility of a candidate who collapses against Hillary

No surprises


He’s seen as a perennial loser. Perception is that Mr. Romney has had his chance and he failed.

Any change in political opinion or issue will be seen and hounded mercilessly as a flip flop

The politics of 2016 will likely implicate wealth and income inequality because of the apparent movement towards economic recovery and the rich recovering faster than the poor

Odds of Running:

**EDIT: 0/10– Romney confirms on January 30, 2015 that he is NOT running.


**Mr. Romney decided that he was not going to run and allow the Party to move on.


Odds of Winning the Nomination:

**EDIT: 0/10


The Party is unlikely to select Mr. Romney when the field looks to be filled with governors and sitting senators. 2012 was an aberration and had a distinct lack of deep talent. The Party has undeniably taken aim at remedying that problem.

Odds of a Cabinet Position:

EDIT: 0/10 There’s nothing Mr. Romney will add to a cabinet position at this time.

Bottom Line:

**EDIT: Mr. Romney had really nothing to lose by running but has been persuaded by establishment sources to stay out of the race in order to allow new blood the opportunity to run. Mr. Romney made his decision on Friday January 30, 2015 after considerable speculation that he would take on some of the other big-named establishment candidates.


Mr. Romney’s decision all but guarantees Jeb Bush’s run.

GovMatt’s Opinion: Mr. Romney was a poor candidate for President and running again just to lose in the primaries is undignified