Matt McDaniel

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The Road to 2016: Ben Carson

Ben Carson by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg{.image}

Quick Facts:

Retired world-renowned surgeon

Made waves when he criticized Barack Obama to the President’s face at a National Prayer Breakfast

One of the only African Americans considered to be thinking about a Republican run for the White House

Keys to the Party:

Engaging and courageous speaker with a phenomenal history as a physician

One of the only African Americans considering a White House run as a Republican

Keys to the Press:

Regular contributor on Fox News

Has little-to-no fundraising apparatus


Engaging public speaker who has developed a name recognition in conservative circles

No political baggage from elected offices

 People naturally trust doctors.


No political experience

No fundraising apparatus

Dr. Carson also made distasteful comments about gay marriage when he compared homosexuality to be, rhetorically, similar to bestiality.

Odds of Running:


Dr. Carson may pursue a brief run to increase his standing and bolster his reputation in the Party. This may lead to an ultimate goal of running for Senator in the State of Maryland when Barbara Mikulski decides not to run for another term. With a national presence, Dr. Carson could attract a great deal of funding for a race that many would otherwise plant firmly in the Democrat column.

Odds of Winning the Nomination:


With no fundraising mechanic in place, Dr. Carson would have a difficult time surviving any finish outside the top few in Iowa or New Hampshire.

Odds of a Cabinet Position:


Dr. Carson is, by all accounts, a brilliant man and an excellent surgeon. In the event he is able to develop political acumen in the 2016 race, he would be an excellent steward of the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act as Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Bottom Line:

Dr. Carson is a brilliant surgeon and a conservative firebrand. While he would enliven debates, he has very little political muscle at this point. His comments regarding gay marriage will haunt his political career as he moves forward.

GovMatt’s Opinion: I feel that Dr. Carson is a refreshing voice in the Party but does not have the political acumen to jump right from medicine into the top position in American politics. He should avoid being the Herman Cain of the 2016 race. Rather, I would much rather see him buff up on his political skills and run for Senator in Maryland.