Matt McDaniel

2 minute read

While information is still coming out, it appears confirmed by Speaker of the House John Boehner’s office that the Speaker, the third-in-line to the Presidency, will resign from Congress at the end of October. This comes at a critical time for the House as it struggles to cobble together a funding resolution that can avert a government shutdown.

Boehner, challenged by the Tea Party wing of the GOP and the Liberty Caucus in the House, looked like he would be able to survive a vote on his Speakership that was going to be put forward imminently. However, it now looks like Boehner’s position has eroded entirely in the face of both mounting criticism from the right and moderates in the Party feeling that Boehner’s Speakership has been compromised.

The most likely alternative to replace Boehner, and the go-to frontrunner for the Speakership is California Republican Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy has been building a great deal of establishment support behind the scenes in recent weeks and will likely have the strongest hand going into the inevitable succession fight over the Speaker’s gavel.

Certainly more information will be coming out about this decision on the part of John Boehner, who has been at the helm of the GOP in the House of Representatives for the better part of a decade. We can expect to hear that Boehner was generally disaffected with the squabbles and realized that he could no longer effectively lead the House.