Matt McDaniel

1 minute read

After a disappointing finish in both New Hampshire and South Carolina, Jeb Bush will suspend his presidential campaign.

Let’s be clear: by all accounts Jeb Bush is a good and decent guy. Some people think that he’d have been the better Bush to take the presidency than George W. We should leave that determination to history.

In a year of particular distrust for “the establishment” of the Republican Party, the “establishment” candidacy of Jeb Bush was seen by some as a coronation rather than a race for the hearts and minds of the GOP electorate.

There is still a road ahead for an establishment candidate (be he Rubio or Kasich). That road entails winning in the Northeast then having a big win on the first “winner-take-all” day on March 15 (Ohio and Florida).

Let’s be really clear about something: there’s going to be some gloating over the downfall of the “coronation candidate.” However, Jeb Bush was a very effective Governor of Florida. His time in office and his popularity with his constituents reinforces that legacy. The 2016 GOP electorate was not in favor of “another Bush” and Jeb suffered from this critique. In the end, he did his best to advance the dialogue for the Party