Matt McDaniel

3 minute read

(Or maybe she was just doing her job.)

Tweets have surfaced early today that show Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill openly and flagrantly met with Russian officials during her time as a United States Senator despite her contention that she had never met with the Russians.

This Tweet proved bogus with a quick search of Twitter. McCaskill wrote, on two separate occasions about her meetings with the Russians. Now, we all know that Russia is the geopolitical equivalent of the sum of all childhood fears (and if you don’t agree, you’re a friend of Putin), so, Senator McCaskill has clearly betrayed the ideals of the Senate and must resign.

As of this morning, she has not deleted the offending Tweets or even walked-back her egregious decision to meet with clear and avowed enemies of the United States in her capacity as a United States Senator.

Perhaps the Democrat thought that meeting with Russians while Obama was still President would give her cover, or, for that matter, meeting with Russians about Putin’s cruelty would give cover to such a violation of protocol. However, we aren’t fooled! We have no notes of the meetings (that came, suspiciously, during a time of increased tensions with Russia during the Obama Administration). Could it be that McCaskill was entreating the Russians on behalf of Democrats and Obama? Without a transcript of the conversations, we’ll never know and the public trust has been shattered!

Here’s another example of Senator McCaskill openly flaunting her conversations with America’s geopolitical foe of the past half-century:


Sure, Senator McCaskill may be trying to write these talks with the Russian Ambassador off as merely “doing her homework” or “being a diligent public servant,” but we know better! We know that McCaskill was talking with Russians. With RUSSIANS!


Now, we hope you’ve enjoyed that little diatribe. Of course, Senator McCaskill was, indeed, just doing her job. While we adamantly disagree with her on policy and will be rooting for whoever tries to unseat her in the 2018 election, we understand that being a competent member of the Senate means knowing what’s going on in the world. Yes, even if that means talking with a Russian Ambassador.

It’s for this reason that we are so disappointed by this lie from Senator McCaskill this morning that she had never met with the Russians. Why would she do this? To try to undermine Attorney General Jeff Sessions as part of a coordinated effort by Democrats to draw attention away from a powerful and motivational Address from the President earlier in the week.

Senator McCaskill’s concern about Jeff Sessions stems from reports that Senator Sessions met with the Russian Ambassador to the United States last year. Senator Sessions did not openly disclose that meeting when asked during his confirmation hearing if he was aware of members of the Trump Campaign meeting with Russians. While Senator Sessions was a supporter of Mr. Trump’s, it’s important to remember that he was also Senator… Sessions, a distinguished member of the Senate Armed Service Committee.

Like Senator McCaskill, Senator Sessions wasn’t committing treason by doing his job. However, if Senator McCaskill truly believes that a Senator shouldn’t meet with foreign officials, it is incumbent on her to immediately resign.