Debbie stabenow

Matt McDaniel

6 minute read

Here’s for what you need to know before your skinny iced coffee gets warm, the July 27, 2017 edition of the tipsheet.

Matt McDaniel

8 minute read

So, you may have heard that Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie), the singer/rocker/rapper/producer/actor is teasing a bid to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow in the 2018 United States Senate race in Michigan. (And he might be able to win). The reactions have ranged from humor to disbelief to consternation… to laments about the decline of Western Civilization.

Matt McDaniel

9 minute read

Update 7/18/17: Republican Mitch McConnell has pulled an effort to replace Obamacare after three conservatives and one liberal in his caucus announced their refusal to support the bill. This underscores the need to pick up additional Senate seats in order to advance President Trump’s agenda.